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Aaron Lowe

Aaron would love to describe himself as a Jack of All Trades, Master of None, but knows deep down that he's just an inveterate slacker. From a brief college career that saw him studying Eastern religions, photography, and macroeconomics, to an adulthood rife with idle research into parasitology, evolutionary biology, and the feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, Aaron Lowe has cultivated a wide, but not incredibly deep, base of knowledge and interests. He brings that same omnivorous attitude to his cinematic endeavors as well, going out of his way to fill in gaps in his film knowledge with viewings spanning every genre, style, time period, and location. Even if, and sometimes especially if, said genre is one that doesn't really interest him. Though his interests are varied, Aaron's true love has always been the bizarre, the mysterious, the spooky. Any movie is immediately improved by the addition of a monster.

Ten years ago, tired of describing himself as a writer but with nothing to show for it, Aaron started the blog Working Dead Productions as a way to keep his writing muscles honed. The topics range from quick stream-of-consciousness musings, impassioned socio-political rants, and movie reviews. Lots of movie reviews. Results were decidedly mixed, owing to his aforementioned slackitude, and work on the blog continued slowly. In recent years, with renewed vigor, he has made concerted efforts to finish more of the myriad projects he always seems to be working on. 

Two years ago, after 36 years in Alaska, Aaron moved to Los Angeles, California, where he currently resides with his family. After years of describing himself as a writer with nothing to show for it, he has recently completed the first draft of his first novel, which is currently awaiting revision.

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Rik Tod Johnson

Rik Tod Johnson is a marketing and communications professional with years of high-pressure experience in the sports industry and working for non-profit corporations. Strong writing and editing skills, with proficiency in creating content for use in magazines, brochures, websites, blogs, social media, and e-newsletters.

Most importantly, Rik is a certifiable movie nut and an avid blogger. He has seen over 12,000 films in his lifetime, and has watched more than a thousand films in a single calendar year several times. (Yeah, he keeps a diary of every damn thing he sees.) While Rik is, at heart, a sci-fi, horror, and animation fan primarily, he tries to see movies in all genres. To further develop this desire, Rik's motto regarding his film obsession is "I will see ANY movie ONCE."

Eleven years ago, Rik started his first blog — The Cinema 4 Pylon — and though he took an extended break from blogging due to medical concerns for a few years, he has recently returned to writing as much as possible. He also runs the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc animation site, where extended articles based around classic cartoons are featured, and The Shark Film Office, where the history of sharks and other ocean-dwelling creatures on film and television is the focus. In early 2016, Rik started a fourth blog about his new lifestyle built around his allergy and other health issues called Intelli-Allergentsia.

Rik also launched two new blogs in late May 2016 with his writing partner, Aaron Lowe. Both websites have rather novel concepts. One is We Who Watch Behind the Rows: Stephen King Print vs. Film, which you are reading right now. The other is Visiting and Revisiting with Rik and Aaron, which features in-depth film discussions revolving around the notion that the film under review has been seen by one of the pair many times over and thus he has somewhat of a history with the film, while the other has never seen the film and knows relatively little about it going into the viewing.

Rik's other interests include absurdly spicy foods, baseball, music, literature, comics, astronomy, zoology, oceanography, paleontology, and free speech. He is also an Oxford comma enthusiast, but if you are not, he’s slightly cool with that.

Oh, yeah... Rik almost always roots for the monster...

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